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3V Systems, Inc.

(United States of America)
Localizing DTP software, translating marketing texts and Articles of Association


(United Kingdom)
Translating technical, IT, and marketing texts from English to Hungarian for clients such as IBM and Sharp, among others.


Translating and proofreading economic, agricultural, legal, commercial, etc. texts for the European Commission into English, French, and German from Hungarian and from those languages into Hungarian.

Hungarian Ministry of Finance

Translating and providing consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in mainly in the fields of finance and banking.

Magyar SUZUKI Zrt.

Translating service manuals from English to Hungarian.
Translating user's manuals from English to Hungarian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, French, Dutch, Italian, and Russian.
Preparation of documents for printing and reproduction (including colour publications).

Mester Kiadó Kft.

Translating, professionally and linguistically proofreading, and editing publications and books from Hungarian to Romanian and Bulgarian.


Translating NOKIA mobile phone user's manuals from English to Hungarian and localizing the related PC software.

Vegyépszer Zrt.

Translating and officially certifying technical documents, contracts, tender materials, etc. .

Our latest news

Translation tech gets Olympic push

Japan may not be the best in the world when it comes to speaking English, but it remains a pioneer in developing cutting-edge translation technology.
With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaching, the nation is once again plotting to surprise the world, this time with high-quality, real-time machine translation systems.
Public and private institutions are working eagerly to develop and upgrade the technology so it can easily be used by tourists, whose numbers are growing sharply

Preparing for Machine Translation: What Machines Can and Can't Do

There is nothing especially novel about machine translation, a technology that reaches back to 1951, when a team from IBM and Georgetown University first demonstrated a computer’s ability to translate short phrases from English into Russian. In 63 years, the machines involved in machine translation have evolved. What a warehouse-sized computer could do in 1951, a laptop can do even better today.