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Our company provides translation and interpreting in all language combinations and provides the high quality that has come to be expected of us. However, experience shows that the most frequent languages are the main European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian). We also provide translation services in other European (Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Greek...       Macedonian, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Russian) and Asian languages (Chinese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Persian, Turkish) on a regular basis.
Translation The task, responsibility, and competence of the translation service provider is to prepare the translation, ensure the personal and technical aspects of the translation job, perform any necessary processes following the completion of the translation as well as a quality control check, and guarantee that the delivery is made on time.
The most important task of MULTI-LINGUA, Inc. and the key to its success is the satisfaction of its... clients. We aim to be more competent, competent, cost effective, and problem free than any other translation service provider you have ever contracted. Our success can be attributed to our comprehensive organization, quality control system, constant evaluation of our translators, and the circumspect work of our Project Managers. During the translation process, we maintain constant liaison with the client to help ensure the job will be completed on time and to guarantee our clientele of our devotion.

Specialist Translation

The professional fields of specialist translations are similar to the undertaken language pairs in that we accept orders from practically any professional field, but the needs of the market are both limited (as is the case with language pairs) and also change over time. The organization of the process of specialist translations is the same in the various professional fields. You can read more about the translation process that ...                               , Inc. applies on the Translation page. Legal Translations | Translations in the Field of Environment Protection Translations in the Field of Banking and Finance | Technical Translations IT Translations | Architectural Translations


Interpreting is both a professional task and one of trust. The interpreter undertakes the task of extemporaneously conveying messages between languages and cultures while also keeping the professional content. According to a Hungarian saying, words slip away. This, however, is not true anymore for the words used in interpreting. The interpretation has to stand the test of time.
The Process of Interpreting...       
The order is received by our Project Managers, who assess the order (date, place, duration, languages, profession, etc.) and clarify any arising questions. It is especially important to determine the professional field of the interpreting job and the types and amount of reference materials the customer can provide for the job that helps the interpreter prepare and thus provide good quality services. On the basis of this information, the Project Manager defines the personal and technical (interpreting equipment) requirements of the job.
Language Pairs and Professional Fields
MULTI-LINGUA Kft. provides interpreting services in European languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Greek, Romanian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Latvian.
We also provide interpreting services in the most important Asian languages: Chinese, Hindi, Persian, Turkish, Arabian, Hebrew, and Vietnamese.
Our interpreters have experience in a wide variety of professional fields: legislation, finance, banking, technical fields, IT, developed technologies, agriculture, environmental protection, etc.
MULTI-LINGUA, Inc. provides both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services to its customers.
Interpreting Equipment
If the customer so wishes, our company can provide interpreting equipment for conference interpreting. The equipment can be installed anywhere in the country, and we will also provide the necessary technical personnel.


Every professional translation deserves to be checked by a second translator (reviser) before delivery. Only an experienced translator can do this job, but many will not take revision assignments. Teachers and those who grade professional qualifying exams may seem suited to the work, but professional revision is not the same as grading papers or exams.

Welcome to MULTI-LINGUA, Inc.

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MULTI-LINGUA Kft. is a translation and interpretation service providing company located in Budapest, Hungary. The term translation service provider is applied by the MSZ EN 15038:2006 standard, which is the certification of the translation service providing process.

MULTI-LINGUA was the first company in Hungary to be awarded the MSZ EN 15038:2006 certification.   MULTI-LINGUA is proud of this important achievement: on June 27, 2008, the company was audited for renewing its ISO 9001:2001 certification, and for the first time in Hungary, the translation process was certified according to the new European standard of translation service providers: MSZ EN 15038:2006.

Why is this important to our customers?

The answer can be found in the introduction to the Standard: “The purpose of this European standard is to establish and define the requirements for the provision of quality services by translation service providers. It encompasses the core translation process and all other related aspects involved in providing the service, including quality assurance and traceability. This standard offers both translation service providers and their clients a description and definition of the entire service.”

MULTI-LINGUA Kft. was established in 1982 by a handful of enthusiastic translators and interpreters as soon as circumstances allowed them to found a private enterprise. These translators and interpreters were not only excellent professionals, but also felt they possessed the skills to lead a business. The company was a defining player on the Hungarian market from the very start. The employees of the company took active part in the founding and organization of the Association of Hungarian Translation Agencies (MFE). Through the MFE, they also participated from the very start in the work of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC).

MULTI-LINGUA Kft. naturally provides its customers with all the services of other professional translation service providers, but with the following added benefits:

MULTI-LINGUA, Inc. maintains working relations with a network of translation service providers and translators and cooperates with 3V Systems, Inc., a translation company, as well as individual translators in the United States. These relations ensure that translations are always completed in the country of the target language and in the best possible quality.

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