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About Us

MULTI-LINGUA has been 100% privately owned since its foundation in 1982, and has weathered more than two decades\' worth of volatile changes in both politics and business to become a leading Hungarian translation company. Over 80 translators, all specialists in their given fields, are at the disposal of MULTI-LINGUA\'s well-oiled machine, assuring quality and the ability to meet the needs of every client.

Organization is our specialty

We at MULTI-LINGUA take particular pride in the unique ability to organize and co-ordinate the work of multiple translators and proofreaders necessary for large translation jobs.

Software localization
Many of the larger projects we have completed recently are related to the Hungarian localization of software products. In layman\'s terms, this means the translation of complete program documentation, including user\'s manuals, on-screen menus and help functions. Such work involves finding solutions for a great number of languages, technical, organizational and professional problems.

Translation of EU legal material
MULTI-LINGUA was the leading company in the consortium that won the Phare and public-procurement contract for the translation of European Union legal material in both 1998 and 2000. The consortium, faced with 70,000 pages of material for translation, consisted of three translation companies, one proof-reading company, and one language software development company. Organization naturally played a huge role in this project, and the use of technical support was vital to ensure proper glossary management and uniform use of terminology throughout the project.

Translations ready for print
Our company has worked and is presently working on ongoing projects that include translation, technical proofreading, and linguistic proofreading as well as DTP work of documents that appear as printed material in international press. These projects are technically critical, as at the end of the process they must be flawless in content, style, and form.

Quality assurance

MULTI-LINGUA\'s smooth internal organization and strict quality-assurance system, audited and officially approved by CERTOP Product and System Certifying House, ensures the delivery of a high-quality translation for each and every order.

In addition, MULTI-LINGUA establishes no deadline with regard to complaints regarding quality. In the event of such a complaint - even years after completion of a project - we will address the problem and give it the attention it deserves.


Translators and interpreters naturally come across confidential information during the course of their work. We guarantee strict confidentiality to our clients on two levels:

A \'basic guarantee\' of confidentiality exists for every translation and interpreting job that MULTI-LINGUA performs. A confidentiality clause is included in every contract that we draw up separately with our translators and interpreters.

If your company adheres to any particular confidentiality and privacy system, MULTI-LINGUA will sign any further confidentiality contract your company would like to provide, and duly notify any of our staff involved as to what it entails. Your company can have the utmost confidence in MULTI-LINGUA.

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